About Me

Hey! Hope you’re liking the blog!
In short, I’m a 24 year old from St. Louis, Missouri whose biggest hobby is taking solo trips all over the world. I’m either off somewhere really cool, or planning another trip! I’m currently back home taking a break from traveling, but I’ve got a lot of future goals in mind as far as places I want to see!
 It’s always been a huge dream of mine to be able to live and work wherever I want, and hop from place to place as I please. After months of being a backpacker, I’m currently working to make the “work from wherever” dream come true. Sounds freeing right?! I think it’s totally worth spending a few months back home to find a career that binds me to no location.
I update this “about” section occasionally, so check back in a few months and I’m sure I’ll have something completely new and updated here. This past month has sort of just been a transitional/preparational time for me. Stay tuned!